LeanRite User Feedback

"Perching on the LeanRite gave me the support I needed. Now I'm finally getting my money's worth out of my standing desk!"

- Jeremiah Seraphine (U/X Professional)

"The LeanRite helps me concentrate more. It’s stable and I don't have to constantly think about my posture and whether I'm hurting my back."

- Yuri Gallegos (Industrial Design Engineer at MHUB Chicago)

"This chair is like a dream come true for people who don't want to suffer from back pain"

- Jin Kong Kim (Business Exec.)

"I've been suffering from lower back pain from sitting 8-10 hours. With LeanRite™ I change posture every half hour without fatigue. Such a relief!" 

- Lucas Whittington (Founder at backonimo.com)

Versatility is the key! With LeanRite, when I get tired of a position, I just move a lever or two, and go from standing to sitting with variations of each.

- Collin A.

It’s game changing! To be able to stand with comfort has totally changed the way I work - I feel energized , have gained core strength and now hesitate to sit.

- Nick F.

Very dynamic! I tried LeanRite at a friend’s office and knew I needed it for my new Varidesk. It’s the only chair to consider for a standing desk

- Eugene W.

A must have. LeanRite’s adjustable tilt and height give you fine control over how much body weight you want to transfer between your legs and core. I can stand, lean, or perch for hours.

- A. Perkins

*Additional video testimonials are available on our Ergo Impact YouTube page