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A Perching Posture Proven to Be Ideal for Lower Back Pain

According to new research on posture, a perching posture at the desk might be the ideal sitting position for those with low back pain. We summarized the science and the implications for what the ideal ergonomic desk setup looks like.

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Is Perching the New Sitting? Research Suggests Yes.

After reviewing a groundbreaking new study out of the University of Waterloo’s Kinesiology department about how perching may be the ideal posture for those with low back pain, we’ve decided to dedicate a full blog post to the topic.

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6 Powerful Reasons To Not Throw In The Towel on Your New Standing Desk

A standing desk yields benefits far beyond back pain relief. Here are some of the most powerful reasons to keep at finding that pain-free workflow, complemented by tips for getting there.

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