Ergo Impact helps people live healthier lifestyles while increasing the personal value of the time they spend at work. The LeanRite Elite™ standing desk chair is our first product.

The LeanRite is the perfect companion to adjustable-height standing desks. We enlisted the brightest minds in ergonomics, orthopedic medicine, physical therapy, manufacturing, research, furniture design, and industrial product design to create a revolutionary product that allows users to easily move between several neutral posture seating arrangements throughout the day.

From the embedded anti-fatigue mat to the cushioned seat, which can also be used for lumbar support, the LeanRite's flexible seating options enable users stay active and alert throughout the day.

Leading companies recognize the value of adjustable-height standing desks due to a growing awareness of the health issues associated with sitting. However, many employers are not maximizing their ROI on standing desks because employees are forced to choose between standing or sitting all day. The LeanRite solves this problem by offering multiple positions (sit, stool, perch, and lean) that allow users to move more throughout their workday, keeping bodies and minds fresh and focused.


The LeanRite Chair



“Users significantly preferred having the LeanRite support
them while standing over standing alone.” 2017 study at Marquette University under Dr. Andrew Starsky in the Department of Physical Therapy.


The LeanRite Elite is an aesthetic and engineering success. Our standing desk chair earned the Spark Design Award, a GOOD Design Award, and an International Design Excellence Award (IDEA).

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Ergo Impact founder Jonathan Sheinkop is available for interviews. In addition to extolling the benefits of the world’s best sit-stand chair, he can also:

  • Share tips for developing healthy habits
  • Discuss the importance of ergonomics in the workplace
  • Outline the importance and benefits of moving throughout the workday
  • Reveal the life-changing benefits of using the LeanRite based on his own back story

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Change your chair, change your life.

“The LeanRite's fully adjustable Sit-Perch-Stand-Lean design is the ideal ergonomic middle-ground between a typical office chair and unsupported standing. The LeanRite allows the user to maximize mobility and comfort with seamless adjustability. The bottom line is that people can move throughout the workday while maintaining optimal posture.“ Jonathan Sheinkop, founder of Ergo Impact

“Research has shown that increased movement and good posture throughout the day is a key to a healthy workplace” Jonathan Sheinkop, founder of Ergo Impact

“The LeanRite Sit-Perch-Stand-Lean chair helps employers maximize their investment in standing desks.” Jonathan Sheinkop, founder of Ergo Impact


Healthy Workplace App

Just as our award-winning LeanRite™ Elite sit-stand chair is the perfect companion for an adjustable-height desk, our new Ergo Impact Healthy Workplace Reminder App is the perfect companion for the LeanRite and for you. With notifications, a log that includes calories burned, recommended stretches, and posture tips, it’s designed to keep you active throughout the workday. Read more about the app here.


"I bought an adjustable height desk, but I didn't stand very often. Perching on the LeanRite gave me the support I needed. Now I feel that I'm finally getting my money's worth out of my standing desk!"

Jeremiah Seraphine, U/X professional


"The LeanRite helps me concentrate more on my desk-bound work. It’s easy on my legs and it encourages good posture."

Yuri Gallegos, industrial design engineer


"This chair is like a dream come true for people who suffer from back pain."

Jin Kong Kim, business executive


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