"In the 3 months I had the Ergo Impact leaning (chair) I had a decrease in back pain and I took a break from seeing my chiropractor." 

Merav R. (Clothing Maker/Designer)

"I use the LeanRite every day. I spend mornings standing up and usually sit in the afternoon. The LeanRite is key to being able to stand all morning. The ability to lean and the foot padding are what makes all the difference. Without it, standing, without walking around, is just too strenuous for long stretches of time. Whenever I spend the entire day sitting, I just feel my back pain roaring back. LeanRite has become a must for me. It's an integral part of my "staying healthy" tool box."

Xavier L.

"In the weeks I have used the LeanRite, it it has helped me to be more active, and it's perfect for me because I'm always coming and going from the shop to the office and from place to place. It's design lets me concentrate more on my work and it's easy on my legs because it's better to lean to something than just standing. One last thing it is that I also keep a good posture while working so my back is more relaxed now."

Yuri G.

"I recently bought an adjustable height desk and an anti-fatigue mat. I found that I didn't use the desk in the standing position very often because, as a runner, my legs are often pretty tired. I know the benefits of standing more while at work, so I really wanted a solution. I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to test the LeanRite. The LeanRite gave me the support I needed to stand when my legs were tired after a long run. I finally feel like I'm getting my money's worth on my standing desk purchase!  

Jeremiah S.