LeanRite Solution: Healthy Lifestyle at Work

Prolonged sitting is bad for your health. Most office workers suffer from the side effects of bad posture and a sedentary lifestyle because they remain in one position all day long. The human body isn’t meant to tolerate one position for more than 30 to 60 minutes. It simply isn’t natural. Even the most expensive ergonomic office chairs won’t help solve this core problem.

To truly achieve workplace wellness, doctors and ergonomists recommend movement throughout the day, coupled with good posture.

Dr. Joanna Sevim, a doctor of physical therapy, says this about how the LeanRite promotes workplace wellness:

 “The LeanRite is ideal because it allows you to change positions throughout the day, which is natural for human beings. It allows you to stand in a supported position which takes the strain and stress across every joint in your body. It allows you to sit in a perched position which automatically puts your pelvis into neutral spine. It also allows you to use the chair as a normal office chair if you prefer.  It allows you to sit in a proper orthopedic postural position. The shape of the seat was created to allow you to sit with proper spinal alignment. It pulls your lumbar spine into perfect lordotic curve. It allows your chest to open. It allows better breathing. We were not meant to be sitting hunched over with a rounded back and shoulders. This allows perfect stable seating. It is comfortable and has a standing mat that decreases stress across the body.”

Dr Joanna Sevim explains why the LeanRite is a perfect addition to support a healthy lifestyle at work.