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The LeanRite Elite

Standing Desk Chair




Sit Less - Move More - Live Better

The Best Standing Chair on the market

Reduce Back Pain Risk.

The standing desk chair that’s recommended by the experts. Research out of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada (shown in our August blog) indicates that perching and leaning on an angled perch seat throughout the work-day is actually one of the best ways to address and avoid back pain risks. You already know that traditional sitting too long is bad for your health, but let’s be honest, once you’re sitting down, it’s hard to stand up again. That's why we developed The LeanRite™ standing chair as an ideal companion for your standing desk. You weren’t meant to be sedentary, even though most desk-bound office work is designed that way. Check our Ergo blog articles about '“Perching” to learn more.

The LeanRite is a sign of a healthy & ergonomic workplace!

  • Corporate offices

  • Home offices

  • Healthcare environments

  • Labs (easy to keep clean)

  • Bank tellers

  • Co-working spaces

  • Art & design studios

  • Manufacturing

  • Security stations

  • StartUps

You're Body Is Dynamic. Your Chair Should Be Too.

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A herniated disk forced me to rethink sitting.
When I saw the LeanRite, I knew I had to have one.
Now we have fifteen of them in our offices.

- Ben J.


The LeanRite In Action


Triple Award Winner

The Best Standing Desk Chair Award Winning

Tired of back pain?


In case you’re wondering…

+ Am I the right size for LeanRite Elite? Will I fit?

LeanRite usability testers ranging in height from under 5'0" to 6'5" tall reported that they were able to comfortably use our standing desk chair. The recommended weight tolerance for sitting is 270 pounds.

People of shorter stature may benefit from adding a foam footrest when in the fully seated position. We recommend a specific non-slip model that we now offer in our online store.

Click here for a more detailed overview of the LeanRite standing desk chair's specifications.

+ Why doesn't the LeanRite have a back?

Research shows that seat-backs are unnecessary and may even be harmful to our back muscles. Seat-backs are modern "conveniences" that force our anatomy into unnatural positions while purporting to correct flaws intrinsic to our bodies. The biggest benefit of not having a seat-back is a user's ability to sit a little higher than usual, which increases our hip angles. A more open hip angle activates core muscles and helps us keep more of a natural curve in our spine.

+ Will it tip over?

Nope! The LeanRite is stabilized by your own bodyweight. The base dimensions are designed so the center of gravity keeps the LeanRite stable. When operated as recommended in our usage guide, it is nearly impossible to tip over.