The LeanRite Elite

Standing Desk Chair




The Best Standing Chair on the market

It's Time To Move Toward a Healthier Lifestyle and Reduce Back Pain Risks.

Sitting all day is bad for your health, but a standing desk is only part of the solution. Standing is tiring for most people and standing for hours can cause it's own problems. That's why we developed The LeanRite™ Elite standing chair is ideal for your standing desk.

Take control of your workday and strengthen your core thanks to the LeanRite's flexible seating options. Maintain neutral posture regardless of whether you sit, perch or lean. Keep your body and mind fresh and focused by changing your position throughout the day. The lumbar support in the standing/leaning position coupled with LeanRite’s built-in anti-fatigue mat enables you to sit less, move more, and live better. The LeanRite™ is built to last with the highest quality materials including high grade aluminum structure and stainless steel fasteners

You're Dynamic. Your Chair Should Be Too.

Sit: A slight forward tilted seat helps angle your pelvis forward to induce a neutral position for your spine. Aligning the sacral region corrects the dysfunctional mechanics caused by sitting.

Perch: Perch on the cushioned, adjustable seat while maintaining a neutral spine.

Lean: Stand on LeanRite’s energizing anti-fatigue mat while receiving lumbar support.

A herniated disk forced me to rethink sitting.
When I saw LeanRite™ knew I had to have one.
Now we have fifteen of them in our offices.

- Ben J.


See the LeanRite in action!

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The Best Standing Desk Chair Award Winning

Tired of lower back pain?