Introducing the LeanRite™ Elite  
The perfect standing chair for your
adjustable height desk

Finally, get the most from your standing desk with a standing desk chair!

  • Designed with the input of a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop

  • Stand comfortably longer- It's sturdy and supportive

  • Change positions easily throughout the day - sit, perch, and lean

  • Achieve neutral posture and comfort in all positions

Get relief from back pain and fatigue.

  • Soft, ergonomic lumbar support while standing

  • Built-in anti-fatigue mat to reduce stress

  • Approved by doctor of physical therapy, Dr. Joanna Sevim

Ergonomic applications:

  • Corporate offices

  • Home offices

  • Airports

  • Art or design studios

  • Banks

  • Co-working spaces

  • Healthcare environments

  • Laboratories

  • Retail environments

  • Security desks


physical therapist comments

Joanna Sevim, doctor of physical therapy (DPT), explains why the LeanRite is the perfect companions for your standing desk. Our adjustable height chair offers three comfortable posture-perfect positions: 1) Lean: stand on a built-in anti-fatigue mat while receiving lumbar support 2) Perch: perch on the cushioned, adjustable seat with a neutral spine 3) Sit: settle in on a seat designed for proper spinal alignment Sit less -- Move more -- Live better.