Introducing the LeanRite™ Elite 

The perfect standing chair for your
adjustable height desk


Finally, get the most from your standing desk with a standing desk chair!

  • Designed with the input of a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop

  • Stand comfortably longer- It's sturdy and supportive

  • Change positions easily throughout the day - sit, perch, and lean

  • Achieve neutral posture and comfort in all positions

Get relief from back pain and fatigue.

  • Ergonomic lumbar support while standing

  • Built-in anti-fatigue mat to reduce stress

  • Approved by doctor of physical therapy, Dr. Joanna Sevim

Ergonomic applications:

  • Corporate offices

  • Home offices

  • Airports

  • Art or design studios

  • Banks

  • Co-working spaces

  • Healthcare environments

  • Laboratories

  • Retail environments

  • Security desks


Meet the LeanRite

The LeanRite standing desk chair combines a sleek design with a seamless blend of ergonomics and orthopedics. Based in Chicago with nationwide distribution, the LeanRite delivers on its brand promise to help user Sit less-Move more-Live better.