Your ultimate companion to LeanRite

Add the MassageRite™ massage pillow to help your back rejuvenate even faster. It's a big step towards healthy living if you're already decided to do your everyday job with the LeanRite. However, having a heated massage with MassageRite further enhances LeanRite's benefits. 

 Best Massage Pillow For The Best Standing Desk Chair

Relaxing, deep tissue massage while standing at your desk

MassageRite is the only addition to the LeanRite standing desk chair that enables you to have a deep tissue, relaxing massage to your lower back. With circular motion, the double-headed massage knobs rotate against each other, releasing all that muscle tension in your lower back.


 LeanRite Best Standing Desk Chair Pillow Massager

Increase your work productivity

Recent research studies have found that increasing blood circulation heals your body faster and increase productiveness. Let your own blood reinvigorate your worn-out lumbar area by allowing the MassageRite to do its job.

 LeanRite Best Standing Desk Chair

Super-easy to use

Just apply MassageRite to your LeanRite standing desk chair by tightening the strap. If ready, there's really nothing more, just pressing the 'ON' button and let it pamper the lower back of yours.


Increase your productivity with the MassageRite™