Pre-Order LeanRite™ Elite 20% Discount (ships Sept 1st-5th 2019)

Pre-Order LeanRite™ Elite 20% Discount (ships Sept 1st-5th 2019)

455.20 569.00

We are offering Pre-Order Discounts according the following schedule:

20% discount on Pre-Order units of new LeanRite Elite through 8/10/2019.

15% discount fro 8/11- 8/20.

10% discount 8/21- 9/1/2019

Shipping expected between 9/1/19 - 9/5/19.

(No Obligation- Pre-Orders can be cancelled at any time)

Finally, a chair for the 21st century.

The LeanRite is an award winning standing desk chair designed for people with adjustable height sit-stand desks. The LeanRite helps to finally realize the preventative health benefits of standing desks by making it comfortable and easy to stand longer in neutral posture.

Additionally, the LeanRite offers relief to those who have trouble sitting for long periods of time due to chronic back pain.

Unlike other ergonomic chairs, stools, and perches, the LeanRite is fully adjustable, allowing for neutral posture sitting, perching or leaning. Your back will love you.

Built to last with the highest quality materials - high grade aluminum structure and stainless steel fasteners.

Try it risk free for 30 days after arrival! 

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