Standing Chair - Ergonomic Health

Experts say the key to wellness in the office is to keep active rather than succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle. They recommend changing positions throughout the day. The LeanRite offers mulitple comfortable, neutral-posture positions:

  • Standing with lumbar support

  • Perching with a neutral spine

  • Sitting at stool height with knees below hips

  • Sitting, similar to a ergonomic task chair

  • Reverse/forward lean 

The LeanRite replaces the need for multiple office products to pair with your adjustable height desk -  office chair, ergonomic stools or perches, and anti-fatigue mat for standing.

*A personal note from the founder of the LeanRite:

“I used to think sitting still for hours without taking a break was a sign of high-productivity. I even had a water tank installed behind me so I wouldn’t have to stand to get a glass of water. Years of that sort of thinking and an ignorance of ergonomic principles eventually led to migraines, backpain and neck issues. I had a $1,000 office chair that was doing the opposite of what was in my best interest. I sat down and never wanted to get up.

I knew I needed a change and I felt that I would benefit from standing, but I didn’t see it as something that I would look forward to doing very often. I imagined that after a few weeks or months, I would be back to sitting, and the investment in a new standing desk would be wasted. I ultimately went on to create something that I desperately needed myself. I knew that it would be vital to have a product that helped make that transition and worked to allow me to lean, perch and also sit. Ultimately to move more, but in a way that promoted stability.

Lastly, while I was working on the product, my wife was pregnant with our first child and she developed serious back-pain issues. When I finally had a prototype for her to use, she tried it and after 10 days she got rid of her normal chair. She is a big fan of the product and uses it daily. Her backpain is now gone because of a myriad of things she does to stay healthy, but one reason she says, is due to using the LeanRite on a daily basis.”

-J. Sheinkop, Founder of the LeanRite™  

Certifications For Wellness In The Active Workplace

WELL Building Standard

WELL, like Ergo Impact, promotes the integration of physical activity into work life by discouraging sedentary behavior.

LeanRite™ is an important part of an active healthy office environment and aligns with The WELL Building Standard comfort and fitness features. These features, in part, focus on enhancing ergonomics to prevent stress and injury while facilitating productivity and well-being. LeanRite encourages changing positions throughout the day offering multiple comfortable posture perfect positions

LeanRite™, with our built-in anti-fatigue mat and a recommended footrest, could help companies get closer to their WELL certification goals. 

The Fitwel Certification System

By providing a standard for the building industry, Fitwel supports widespread adoption of workplace health strategies. They treat wellness as an interconnected system, in part, encouraging access to sufficient active workstations. Workstations that require workers to stand for long periods should include a product like LeanRite™.

These strategies support mental, physical and social health of workers - a perfect fit for LeanRite™. Unlike other ergonomic chairs, stools, and perches, the LeanRite is fully adjustable, allowing for neutral posture sitting, perching or leaning.

Fitwel is taking worker health to the next level. LeanRite™ could be a strategy to help achieve Fitwell Certification.


Best Standing Desk

I freakin' LOVE IT!

My neurosurgeon said, "Sitting is the worst thing you can possibly do." I love how I can lean into LeanRite™ to stand for long periods. I am so grateful.

- Heidi C.