Standing Chair - Ergonomic & Health

Standing desks and adjustable sit-stand desks are in use with the most profitable, healthy and forward thinking companies in the world. In fact, 100% of all new workstations at Google offices worldwide include adjustable height desks. However, owners of adjustable height desks often report that they don’t use them in the standing position as often as they’d like. They attribute this to the discomfort and fatigue that quickly sets in after standing for a prolonged period of time. The LeanRite was designed to address this issue, offering standing desk owners the support to stand comfortably for hours. 

Is a standing chair ergonomic? Standing desk owners often lean forward against their desks for support as a subconscious reaction to fatigue. This hunched over position works against the health benefits that adjustable height desks are meant to address. The LeanRite offers an anti-fatigue mat beneath the feet and lumbar support in the leaning position, so the user gains the rest and stress relief they subconsciously crave while maintaining ideal ergonomic alignment and posture.

Experts say the key to wellness in the office is to keep active rather than succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle. They recommend changing positions throughout the day. The LeanRite offers mulitple comfortable posture perfect positions:

  • Standing with lumbar support - Lean

  • Perching with a neutral spine - Perch

  • Stool height with knees below hips - Stool height

  • Sitting, similar to a ergonomic task chair - Sitting

  • Reverse/forward lean 

The LeanRite replaces the need for multiple pieces of furniture to pair with your adjustable height desk -  office chair, ergonomic stools or perches, and anti-fatigue mat for standing.


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