Inventing the best standing desk chair

At Ergo Impact, we believe that a healthy workplace, leads to a happy and productive team. With our patented LeanRite™, standing desk chair, we created a beautiful and comfortable seat designed around ergonomic principles. Ergonomic design seeks to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and reduce workplace injuries. The LeanRite adjustable standing desk chair makes it easy for people to move throughout the day as a buffer against problems like increased blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease that may be associated with sitting all day.  

We enlisted the brightest minds in ergonomics, orthopedic medicine, physical therapy, manufacturing, research, furniture design, and industrial product design to create the LeanRite. The result? A leap forward in office seating that will help companies and individuals finally realize the promised benefits of their investment in sit/stand desks.

A healthy workplace also leads to reduced workers’ comp. costs and medical claims, not to mention fewer days of lost work time.

As desk-bound workers everywhere become more informed of the dangers of sitting all day and the increased threat of musculoskeletal injuries, there has been a surge in the awareness of ergonomics in the workplace. Height adjustable sit-stand desks are a front-line attempt to solve the public health problem of extensive sitting. However, standing for long periods of time causes fatigue and leads to bad posture as well as other health risks. Experts say the keys to wellness in the office are to keep active and ensure proper body alignment whether sitting or standing. The LeanRite sit/stand chair was designed to promote movement throughout the day and to encourage a perfectly neutral posture. We're finally solving the problems that standing desks were meant to address.


The design process

The LeanRite's innovative design will be a key part of the workplace of the future. Watch world renowned product designers Greg Foster and Robert Sheldon of the Product Council discuss the LeanRite design story.