The importance of ergonomics in the workplace has finally come into its own as evidenced by the incredible surge in sit-stand ergonomic furniture appearing in homes and offices around the globe. Studies continue to prove that proper ergonomic design is needed to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, which can develop over long periods and can lead to long-term disabilities. Attention to ergonomic principles is shown to reduce workplace injuries that result in high workers’ compensation costs, medical claims, and lost work time. Many of these disorders may in fact be preventable with attention to daily behaviors and posture.

Adjustable height sit-stand desks are a front line attempt to solve the public health problem of extensive sitting. However, standing for long periods of time has a down side as it causes fatigue, leading to bad posture and other health risks. Experts say the key to wellness in the office is to keep active rather than succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle and ensure proper body alignment when you're sitting or standing. The LeanRite was designed to promote movement throughout the day and encourage a perfect posture, finally solving the problem standing desks were meant to address.

A number of years ago, Ergo Impact started the research and design process for the LeanRite™, enlisting the brightest minds in ergonomics, orthopedic medicine, physical therapy, manufacturing, research, furniture design, and industrial product design. Their collective achievement is a leap-forward in office seating that will help many workers finally realize the promised benefits of their adjustable height desk investments.


In the short video below, world renowned product designers Greg Foster and Robert Sheldon of the Product Council discuss the LeanRite™ design story. Product Council is a leading product innovation firm whose design credits include medical and lab equipment for Abbott Labs, Baxter, DuPont, and Johnson & Johnson among many other product categories.

Greg Foster and Robert Sheldon of Product Council discuss the design process of the LeanRite.

The LeanRite's innovative design will be a key part of the workplace of the future.